Dale Station Area

Located on the intersection of Dale St and University Ave. Dale Street is at the cross section of the Frogtown, Rondo and Central Village neighborhoods. Surrounded by Community assets including:  Rondo Library, Unidale Mall, and Central Village Park.

Image from Central Corridor Management Committee Streetscape Planning Document


District Councils within this area

D-6 North End-South Como

D-7 Thomas-Dale

D-8 Summit- University

D-16 Summit Hill









Station Area Plan

The Station Area Plans are apart of the City of Saint Paul’s Central Corridor development strategy and are meant to address the areas approximately 1/4 mile around the proposed LRT stations along University Avenue. Plans address issues of building scale; public realm and open space; public art; and bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and automobile movement. They are not meant to address station design. The design, engineering and construction of the LRT line itself is the responsibility of the Metropolitan Council.

-from City of Saint Paul’s Central Corridor Development Strategy: Plans for Seven University Avenue Station Areas




Illustrated Maps- Metropolitan Council 


The Metropolitan Council is responsible for the planning and construction of the Central Corridor Light Rail Line.

To view the MET COUNCIL ROUTE MAP click here

Construction hotline: 651-602-1404
Public Comments & Questions: 651-602-1645, centralcorridor@metc.state.mn.uS 

 Met Council Outreach Coordinator: Shoua Lee, 651-602-1014, shoua.lee@metc.state.us



Station and Public Art 

 Met Council Dale Station Art Plan


Connections drawing from the Dale Street Station Area Plan

Current Bus Routes that run in this station area:
  • Route 16
  • Limited Stop Route 50 (to be discontinued after LRT construction)
  • Route 65 serving Dale