Routes to Rails

The District Councils Collaborative of Saint Paul and Minneapolis (DCC) is launched Routes to Rails, a two-pronged program to assess existing bus service and street connections to the Central Corridor, and to recommend improvements to ensure that people can easily get to their closest LRT station when the line opens for service in June 2014. 

Transit, More than a Ride

The DCC’s Transit, More than a Ride project worked directly with the various communities that make up Central Corridor to ensure that bus routes and schedules are designed to meet the needs of those who rely on transit for access to jobs and essential goods and services. Working to enhance and enrich Metro Transit’s traditional public involvement process, the DCC contracted with Trusted Advocates from communities of color, new American communities, as well as people with disabilities and low income families and individuals. By developing a well-tailored engagement strategy to empower their communities voice these individuals helped remove the cultural and language barriers to full involvement in the Transit Service Restructuring Study for the Central Corridor.  Partnering with Metro Transit, the DCC saw this pilot project set new standards for early and meaningful involvement of underrepresented constituencies.

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Central Corridor Neighborhood Walkability / Accessibility Survey 

For most people who live or work within a half mile of the light rail line, walking is likely to be the preferred way to get to the station.  But many neighborhood streets have sidewalks in disrepair, inadequate lighting and other conditions that discourage walking and limit accessibility.  The DCC’s Central Corridor Neighborhood Walkability/ Accessibility Survey assessed current walking conditions within a half mile of light rail stations, and determined what actions should be taken to make these routes safe and pleasant for all ages and levels of mobility. 

With the completion of Transit, More than a Ride and the Walkability/Accessibility Survey, the DCC ensured that there is frequent bus service and safe, accessible Routes to Rails, so that people can easily get to the light rail line, whether on foot, by bus, or in a wheelchair.