Community Engagement

Community Engagement is at the heart of the DCC Mission, which is " facilitate community involvement and engage underserved populations on Central Corridor issues that affect multiple neighborhoods and are best addressed through collaboration, by sharing information, conducting research, and coordinating advocacy on common concerns.”

Many of the issues the DCC works on originate from the community and are brought forward by one or more member organizations.  They are then voted on by the Governing Council and priority agenda items are adopted for research and discussion, with the possibility of reaching agreement and advocating for desired outcomes.  Whenever possible, the DCC speaks with a collective and unified voice, but may also allow for dissenting positions.  Once a position is taken, the DCC works with its member organizations to strengthen their capacity to deal with public elected officials, policy makers and transportation and planning professionals.   

Another important role played by the DCC is to keep track of key project milestones and decision points and provide information and interpret technical data for the member organizations and other community members.  Two way communications are key to ensuring that the community is well informed and has the opportunity to engage in discussions and influence decisionmaking.  The DCC also makes every effort to involve underserved and traditionally under-represented populations, by undertaking the broadest possible community outreach process, including providing translation when needed. 


DCC representatives actively seek to participate on all community advisory committees related to the light rail and land use planning, and encourage other community members to weigh in as well.  Any community member with an interest in representing their community organization on the DCC Governing Council or any other task force or committee should sign up on the Opportunities to Get Involved form.