Video Interview: Central Corridor Design Center

Our final Walk Talks video featuresTim Griffin , Josh Kinney, and Sam Carlsen of the Central Corridor Design Center as they discuss walkability from the design perspective and highlight the importance of public and private responsibility in creating pleasant, walkable streets.



The Central Corridor Design Center is a joint project of the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation and the City of Saint Paul.  Conceived to replicate the interdisciplinary urban design tradition developed for the core downtown riverfront, the Central Corridor Design Center is the steward of the community corridor vision articulated in the Central Corridor Development Strategy and defined in the 12 station area plans.  The Design Center provides design leadership as these plans evolve, reviews public and private projects to insure the intent is understood and reflected in each project; engages and informs the community and develops tools and methods to ensure the best vision delivery possible.  The Design Center is staffed by Riverfront Corporation employees and city staff.  The Center receives funding from the City of Saint Paul, the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative, McKnight Foundation, Enterprise Community Partners and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).