Neighborhood Livability & Transportation Equity Work Group

The Neighborhood Livability & Transportation Equity Work Group is concerned with preserving and enhancing the qualities of the neighborhoods along the Central Corridor, maintaining safe, pleasant residential streets and vibrant, walkable shopping districts, and ensuring that everyone along the corridor has access to the new light rail line and connecting bus service. 

The biggest transportation inequity has already been resolved with the addition of three “missing stations” to serve low income communities at Hamline Avenue, Victoria Street and Western Avenue, thanks to the work of the Stops 4 Us campaign.  Concerns related to Connecting Bus Service will be taken up at a later date, since final decisions on bus routes and schedules will not be made until shortly before the light rail opens in 2014.  In the meantime, several subcommittees have been formed to research and develop agreement proposals to address other major issues. These issues include:

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Community members are welcome to join the Neighborhood Livability and Transportation Equity work group or to participate in one of the subcommittees.  

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