Let’s Talk Accessibility at Victoria

The Victoria Station is  surrounded by several businesses, churches, schools and community institutions, for this reason it is of particular importance that the pedestrian environment provide adequate access to the residents who are close to it. Victoria Station had a lower number of walkability surveys submitted at 16, however these surveys provided some useful information about the existing walking conditions in the area. Accessibility seems to be of particular concern for walkers to the Victoria station.

Issues that emerged at Victoria:

Narrow sidewalks were indicated on Victoria from University to Carroll. Additionally, missing sidewalks, missing or inadequate curb ramps were of concern. These issues can be seen vividly in the map.

Victoria Access Map

Comments from the surveys supported issues that were highlighted in the survey maps. One walker commented, “Overall not very accommodating for seniors and folks with disabilities.”

Are the issues of accessibility that are emerging from the data, the priority issues for improving walkability in the Victoria Station area? What other issues need to be addressed?