DCC Board

Karen Inman

District 7 Planning Council (Frogtown & Capitol Heights), Saint Paul

 Karen Inman , is an elected member of the District 7 Planning Committee and sit on the DCC as part of my commitment to the neighborhood.  She was one of the original members of the DCC and helped establish its rules and regulations.  Transportation in an urban area must meet the needs of those who live in the area.  Karen believes that Light Rail is one of the answers to people's need to get places.  For too long we have been dependant on cars, but as an inner city, many people cannot afford cars.  District 7 is the most transit dependent area of the city.  While she supports Light Rail , she does not support it at the elimination of bus service.  She continues to work for transit that fits the needs of the community.


Stephen A. Wilson

Summit-University Planning Council (District 8), Saint Paul

 Stephen has served on the District Councils Collaborative Board from its inception in March of 2006.  He also serves as the Chair of the Summit University Planning Council, and on the Board of Directors of the Hallie Q. Brown Center.  He is concerned with planning for LRT, and the lack of community influence on the project.  Professionally, Stephen is engaged in strategic planning, computer simulation modeling, contract negotiation, and renewable energy at Xcel Energy.


Steve Samuelson

Hamline-Midway Coalition (District 11), Saint Paul

 Steve has been involved with the St. Paul District Council system for about 10 years and is am a sincere believer in the function they play in the role of government in the City.  The one issue that Steve has been most involved in is transportation, which is why he chose to become involved with the DCC.  Steve thinks that the District Councils Collaborative’s new independent role can be of benefit to the community.


John Seppanen

St. Anthony Park Community Council (District 12), Saint Paul


Anne White

Union Park District Council (District 13), Saint Paul

Anne represents the Union Park District Council (District 13) in Saint Paul, where she serves on the Board of Directors and on the Land Use Committee.  Her district council was one of the founding members of the DCC and she has played a leadership role since its inception in 2006.

In 2006 and 2007, she was appointed to two Saint Paul planning committees for the Central Corridor – the University Avenue Development Task Force (2006-2007) and the University Avenue Station Area Planning Steering Committee (2007-2008).  She also represented the DCC on the Met Council’s Community Advisory Committee for the Central Corridor.

 Anne retired four years ago from her work as a professional photographer and now devotes most of her time to working on Central Corridor issues.  Her goal is to ensure that neighborhoods are well-informed about the impacts of light rail, both positive and negative, and that community concerns are fully considered by decision-makers as they plan for the Central Corridor light rail line.  She was recently elected to the Community Agreements Advisory Committee that is working to negotiate agreements with governmental bodies t


Jack Fei

Macalester-Groveland Planning Council (District 14), St. Paul


Priscilla MacDougall

Summit Hill Association (District 16), St. Paul

Priscilla MacDougall has represented the Summit Hill Association (District 16)  for the past year. She has had a varied career as a securities analyst and stock broker on Wall Street, the coordinator of a volunteer counseling program in a county prison, a United Methodist clergywoman, a battered women’s advocate and finally a marriage and family therapist/chemical dependency counselor. She is now retired and is involving herself in a number new and different volunteer activities.

She is interested in being on the DCC because of her concern that the new light rail line not only benefit those traveling between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St Paul, but also the neighborhoods through which it runs.


Philip Anderson

Prospect Park East River Road Improvement Association (PPERRIA), Minneapolis

 Phillip is a member of the PPERRIA Executive Committee and is Co-Chair of the Zoning Committee.  Phillip is interested in the DCC to advance cooperation between Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods, and address issues around LRT going through the Prospect Park/East River Road neighborhood.  Phil is a retired construction Project Manager of 30 years.


Lynn Anderson

Southeast Como Improvement Association (SECIA), Minneapolis

 Lynn has been an active member of SECIA, serving previously both as a board member and treasurer.  He has also been a member of the SECIA Transportation Committee, though the committee is not currently active.  He is interested in light rail and transportation issues.  He has also been a member of the Mark Protection Committee of the World Science Fiction Convention Board.


Doug Carlson

Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association, Minneapolis

 Doug Carlson has been a member of the District Councils Collaborative Board of Directors since September 2007.  He represents the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association, where he serves on the Board of Directors.  Doug has lived in Marcy-Holmes, Minneapolis’ oldest neighborhood, since 1969 and has been a member of his County historical society since the age of 10.  He is an activist for community involvement, planning, preservation, and complementary land use and is a past International President of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.  In addition to being an active DCC member, Doug represents his neighborhood on the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit Project’s Community Advisory Committee.  Professionally, Doug is responsible for Information Technology industry sales and marketing to U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs