Community Engagement Work Group

The Community Engagement Work Group is responsible for ensuring that the CACC stays in close touch with the broader community, listening to their concerns and keeping them up to date on Central Corridor issues.  The work group collaborates with the Leadership Team and other issue-based work groups to plan for community outreach, ranging from public forums to electronic communications.  Every effort is made to reach out to underrepresented groups and to engage them in a variety of different ways, at times and places that encourage participation. 

The first forum will focus on Jobs for Minorities and Women, and will probably be held in December 2010 or January 2011, after all the Central Corridor contracts are awarded.  By that time there should be more clarity on how many jobs will be available, what skills are required, and how likely it is that newly trained construction workers will be employed.  The forum is being planned in cooperation with the LRT Construction Work Group and will also look at other employment opportunities related to the Central Corridor, such as construction jobs on new development projects or LRT operations or maintenance jobs.

Communications is the other main focus for the Community Engagement Work Group.  The Community Agreements website pages and electronic newsletters and updates will serve as the primary communication tool, but the work group is also interested in developing other tools to reach out to people who are not accustomed to e-mail and meetings, and those for whom English is a second language.   

Community members are welcome to join the Community Engagement Work Group.  Just sign up on the form in the right hand column and check the Opportunities to Get Involved box.