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Construction has been a difficult time for many small businesses in Central Corridor.  There are many things that we all can do as a community that can help support the small businesses that make out communities unique.



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What's happening now to support small business in Central Corridor?

Ready for Rail

Ready for Rail is an initiative of a coalition of groups that have joined together to provide new tools to help businesses survive the construction of the Central Corridor LRT line and thrive after service begins in 2014. Information about Ready for Rail can be found at www.readyforrail.net



The “Discover Central Corridor” Campaign 

The Discover Central Corridor campaign is an initiative to bring more customers in to businesses in construction zones.  A broad coalition of organizations is working together to implement the campaign, building on a proposal brought forward by the Business Resources Coalition (BRC):

Discover Central Corridor LogoThe Saint Paul Chamber of Commerce is developing logos, slogans, posters and a website – www.discovercentralcorridor.org-- with free downloadable logos, posters and postcards to promote businesses in four areas along the Central Corridor -- University Avenue, Washington Avenue, Downtown Saint Paul and Lowertown.

The Central Corridor Loyalty Card Program offers an opportunity for local community organizations to help engage community members in supporting local businesses along the Corridor. The program centers on a card system that allows users to take advantage of discounts, as well as donate to their charity or to the organization that distributed the card. View a list of participating businesses here.
The Midway Chamber of Commerce is hosting “Lunch on the Avenue”, a networking event to introduce Chamber members to small, ethnic restaurants on University Avenue. Community groups, community and neighborhood organizations and district councils are encouraged to begin their own lunches, happy hours or dinners on the avenue!

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Call the new Discover Central Corridor Business Support Hotline, 651-528-8776 with any questions, comments or for additional information about these initiatives. 

Central Corridor Construction Club

Check out Central Corridor Construction Club on Facebook where community members recommend good places to shop and eat on the avenue.


Raymond on the Rail

Visit Raymond On the Rail a new website featuring small businesses on Raymond Avenue off of University









Loss of Parking

Both during and after construction, the loss of 85% of the on-street parking remains a big problem for many businesses in both Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  The City of Saint Paul has developed a number of strategies to replace lost on-street parking on University Avenue, including providing forgivable loans to improve or combine off-street parking lots or alley parking.  But some areas will still have little or no parking.  A UABA Parking Committee is working to develop additional proposals, and U-7, a coalition of CDCs, is addressing parking issues with individual businesses.

U-7 is also providing free technical consulting to help businesses assess their prospects for survival, evaluate possible strategies, develop marketing campaigns, and document their current revenues and expenses to determine what they need to do to survive.  They are also helping business owners with financial planning and keeping accurate financial records, which will be essential to be eligible to apply for business support when that becomes available.