Video Interview: Central Corridor Design Center

Our final Walk Talks video featuresTim Griffin , Josh Kinney, and Sam Carlsen of the Central Corridor Design Center as they discuss walkability from the design perspective and highlight the importance of public and private responsibility in creating pleasant, walkable streets.



Walk Talk - A snapshot of Raymond Station

Photo submitted by walker

There were 27 surveys submitted for the Raymond station area. These surveys were supported by many great photos taking by walkers. Click here to view more photos from Raymond walks.

The areas in the Raymond station area that were most commented on were:

Walk Talks - Lauren Fulner-Erickson

Meet Lauren Fulner-Erickson, community organizer for St. Anthony Park Community Council. Lauren sat down with us to share her thoughts on neighborhood concerns related to walkability and how things can be improved. 


Let’s Talk Accessibility at Victoria

The Victoria Station is  surrounded by several businesses, churches, schools and community institutions, for this reason it is of particular importance that the pedestrian environment provide adequate access to the residents who are close to it. Victoria Station had a lower number of walkability surveys submitted at 16, however these surveys provided some useful information about the existing walking conditions in the area. Accessibility seems to be of particular concern for walkers to the Victoria station.

Issues that emerged at Victoria:

Narrow sidewalks were indicated on Victoria from University to Carroll. Additionally, missing sidewalks, missing or inadequate curb ramps were of concern. These issues can be seen vividly in the map.

Walk Photos

150,000 Words

Walk Photo Submitted by Gordon Parks

Photo Submitted by Gordon Parks High School Student

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than our walkers had a lot to say. Approximately 150 photos were submitted to the DCC during the Walkability Survey, many of these photos speak volumes about the pedestrian experience in the Central Corridor, and illustrate some of the priority concerns related to walkability and accessibility. 

Dale Street Interviews: Suado Abdi and Cecilia Lonetree

Meet Suado Abdi and Cecilia Lonetree.

We had the pleasure of speaking with two active residents of Dale Street. Suado Abdi is a U of M student, self-proclaimed "Frondo" (Frogtown - Rondo) resident and also served as a Trusted Advocate for the Transit, More than a Ride Project. Cecilia Lonetree is a resident of the King's Crossing Apartments, which are located above Frogtown Square on the corner of Dale and University. Ms. Lonetree was a participant in the Walkability Survey and has been active in several Central Corridor initiatives. 


Let's talk about Dale

The Dale station area walk was featured in our early video celebrating the May 6 kick-off of the Walkability Survey. Residents of King’s Crossing organized to bring special focus to the pedestrian issues in the station area. 31 surveys in all were submitted for Dale.

Physical Environment - Dale


Vaughn Larry talks about safety and walkability

Let's Talk about Safety

Vaughn Larry, community organizer and crime prevention coordinator for Aurora St. Anthony Neighborhood development corporation discusses walkability in the Frogtown and Summit-University areas. Mr. Larry organized many groups walks at the Victoria, Rice and Western stations. 


In today's Walk Talks, Mr. Larry discusses the importance of safety to creating walkable streets. 


Let's talk about Western


Many individuals from the community came together to walk from their homes, businesses, and organizations to walk to the future Western Station. There were 26 surveys collected from this station area in all.











 Major Concerns: Sidewalks and Trash


Amy Hyat-Blatt talks about walkability Downtown St. Paul

As we stated in our previous post, Mapping the Downtown Station Areas there were over 70 surveys submitted in the Downtown Station area. Many of those surveys focused on the areas around the 10th Street station. Today, we share our interview with Amy Hyat-Blatt of Minnesota Public Radio. Amy discusses the necessity of intentionality in creating a walkable environment between the stations and the great locations Downtown St. Paul.