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Snelling Avenue Pedestrian Demonstration Project 

The District Councils Collaborative, along with Union Park District CouncilHamline Midway Coalition, and with technical assistance from the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation Design Center, has undertaken a project to improve the walkability and safety along Snelling Avenue from Marshall Ave. to Charles Ave. in St. Paul. Through a several month community process that included input from over 300 people and a 2-part walkability workshop involving community members, business owners, and staff from MnDOT, City of St. Paul, and Metro Transit, immediate, short, and long-term recommendations for improvements were developed. Implementation of recommendations actually began as part of the workshop process where MnDOT and St. Paul took suggestions and began incorporating them into final engineering of the current construction project. The next phase of implementation begins with a “Better Bridges” project this summer. Funding for the pedestrian demonstration project is provided by the Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.

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